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Patrick D. Chappelle
3 min readJan 10, 2019


Photographer Kevin “KFos” Foster

When I first realized I had an appreciation for photography, what struck me was that I could determine a particular photographer’s style, the way I could a painter’s. I also learned that while there are many good photographers, the ones I considered phenomenal are in the minority. Kevin “KFos” Foster is one of the latter.

Born in Germany, raised in Atlanta, Georgia, KFos is one of those photographers I like to label “magicians”. For photographers like him, it’s not enough to get a great shot. He effortlessly imbues his photos with a raw sensuality that few are capable of accomplishing, but unlike most photographers who take shots of the nude form, KFos’ imagery is so much more than mere eye candy. It is poetry in flesh.

You have a great eye for composition; is it learned, or does it come natural to you?

It’s self taught. It takes a lot of practice. Trial and Error is the key to becoming a great photographer.

Jessica Reams (@blaccqueenpin)

I would imagine that when you’re doing a paid gig, all the particulars (makeup, attire, and so forth) are laid out for you by the client. However, when the photoshoot is a personal project, whose ideas influence those things?

Most of the time it’s me coming up with the concept. Most of my clients can give me a vague idea of what they want and as they’re telling me what they want I’ve already shot it in my head.

Of all the equipment you’ve worked with, what’s your “old reliable”? I know there has to be a camera in your quiver that may not be the right one for every occasion, but never lets you down when you need it.

I shoot with my trusty Nikon D610. It’s amazing. Never had an issue with it.

Jina Payton (@jaychardae)

Who are some of the photographers who’ve inspired you to take up photography?

James C Lewis and James Pennie.

You started off modeling, what kind of modeling were you doing before taking up the camera?

(laughs) Let’s just say I had my take in just about everything modeling wise. Gave me some range, and it also helps me with models now with posing and expressions.

Nardia Hollins (@nardiatheemodel)

How long were you a model before you decided you prefer the other side of the camera?

I modeled for about 4–5 years before I became a photographer.

What were your aspirations growing up?

To be successful at whatever I did.

What have you not done yet, that you wish to accomplish someday?

(For the safety of both Kevin and myself, I declined to print his answer.)

KFos is available for hire, and you can send your requests to him at his website. Follow him on Instagram and Facebook.

Lead photograph is of D’Wayna Irvin (@therealsupad).

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