Slavery is Against the Law

Patrick D. Chappelle
3 min readDec 3, 2021
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Somebody ought to let the right know that, because it seems that they’re hell-bent on enslaving women in their attempts to overturn Roe V Wade. Preventing women from getting an abortion is, in essence, consigning them to a form of slavery and I am here to prove it. Every anti-abortion law in the United States should be overturned because they are all unconstitutional as slavery, too, is unconstitutional.

Anti-abortion laws meet every definition of the word “slavery”, according to the Merriam Webster Dictionary.

1a: the practice of slaveholding

b: the state of a person who is held in forced servitude

c: a situation or practice in which people are entrapped (as by debt) and exploited…

2: submission to a dominating influence


Let’s begin with the first definition. By enacting laws that prevent women from obtaining an abortion, the State has become the “slaveholder”. Women are forced to either flee their state to find abortion services, or attempt life-threatening procedures on their own. She is, in fact, under “forced servitude” as she has been denied medical treatment and instead, has been forced (by the State) to perform a medical procedure that she is unqualified to perform. The State has no other reason to deny a woman an abortion other than to control the freedom that she, by virtue of being an American citizen, has every right to. Clearly, this is what definition 1c inarguably describes.

The second definition should need no explaining with regards to anti-abortion laws being associated with slavery. Women have no choice but to be submissive to the all-powerful State under anti-abortion laws. The State is the “dominating influence”. Anti-abortion laws strip women of their right to live their lives as they see fit, so long as it doesn’t affect others, adversely or otherwise. They are being denied “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”, these things that are held inviolable in the United States Declaration of Independence. Their servitude takes the form of being condemned to carry a child to term and give birth to said child, whether the child is a product rape or whether it will cause the death of mother, child, or both. This is an unconscionable act of war upon women.

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You would think that one would not need to speak of the third and final definition, but if that were so, I wouldn’t need to have written this article to begin with. Men have no understanding of what it’s like to carry a child for nine months. We will never know what it’s like. But, those of us who possess common sense are wise enough to trust the experiences of women when they speak of the trials they face during pregnancy and childbirth. While not every woman has the same experience, we know that when we observe a woman walking up a flight of stairs with a child in her belly, it is, indeed, “drudgery”. When we see a woman upon the hospital bed giving birth, we recognize that it is an unimaginable ordeal she’s going through. But, as long as this is what the woman desires, the risk is entirely hers to take. No woman, however, should be forced into such a thing.

The people who would overturn Roe V Wade are monsters as are those who support anti-abortion laws. They are content to bend women to their will and it is wrong and it is evil. These are unjust laws and as unjust laws, ought not to be obeyed. More men need to speak up about this atrocity being perpetuated against women. We cannot allow this modern-day form of slavery to persist. We must not!



Patrick D. Chappelle

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